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I'm Megan.

When I was young, but old enough to start poking around in places I shouldn't, I remember stumbling across a box of old photographs in my attic. They were photographs taken by my mom on her 35mm film camera and the subjects were mostly of me and my brothers when we were little. There was one of us in our puffy jackets sled riding down our sloped backyard, one of us at Hilton Head in front of our giant sandcastle masterpiece, and of course the embarrassing bathtub photo where we covered our chins in bubbles to resemble Santa Claus. 

That's where my love of capturing people began. On that dusty attic floor, I realized I wanted someone to find a box of my photographs someday. The training came next - learning how to actually use a camera and frame a subject. But at the heart of everything is still my urge to deliver photos to my clients and have them coming back with tears in their eyes or laughter on their face, turning to their friend or parent or sibling or spouse and saying, "remember when..."  

I love documenting intimate events, authentic moments,
kindred spirits, and a little adventure.


When I'm not photographing you'll find me:

– binge-watching shows with my husband

– traveling or planning the next adventure

– testing the capacity of my dessert stomach

– viewing the latest cat video

– (poorly) attempting to keep my few remaining plants alive

– getting crafty

– indulging in good food and drinks with friends and family


I'd love to meet you!


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